Property Management Services

Property Management Services Group

CRE’s Property Management division leverages its extensive and diverse experience in all sectors including office, retail and industrial within Southwest Florida to effectively develop a platform which adds significant asset value. Our unparalleled practices are client-centrically constructed to yield incomparable results – unmatched by our competitors.

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The team excels at:

  • Tenant Relations

    Ensuring tenant’s satisfaction to maximize retention and revenues
  • Cost Savings

    Leverage vendor/supplier relationships through economies of scale to optimize services and pricing
  • Project Management

    Manage any size project thru experienced in-house staff and dependable outside resources
  • Revenues

    Stabilize and enhance the value of properties in our portfolio

The CRE Consultants team dedicated to your property is on-call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week—including weekends and holidays. Emergency preparedness management is backed by proven relations with contracted service agents in plumbing, electricians, landscaping, janitorial, security and others deemed necessary. Especially for time sensitive situations, this team delivers the most cost-effective measures to deliver the highest level of solutions as a result of their previous experience, established business relationship and preferred customer status.

Property Management Clients We Represent

Hewlett Packard
InterContinental Hotel
Saks Fifth Ave
Neiman Marcus

CRE Consultants’ Property Management team of experienced Real Estate Managers and Accountants work closely together on all of our properties. This team-oriented approach allows us to provide our clients with a more comprehensive and highly organized service—avoiding the pitfalls that often accompany a fragmented, remote accounting operation. The vast knowledge of our accounting professionals has enabled us to diligently comply with the requirements of our diverse client base and associated properties. Further, our accounting professionals are accustomed to working directly with the owners, meaning clients are encouraged call the Real Estate Manager or the Accountant (or both), based on their needs.