Randy Mercer to Help Shape Lee County’s Future Through Charter Review Commission

Fort Myers, FL — CRE Consultants’ Founding Partner, Randy Mercer, has been appointed as a member of the 15-person team of the Lee County Charter Review Commission. The Commission is responsible for reviewing the Home Rule Charter of Lee County, Florida, and suggesting any revisions or amendments for the general election ballot. Mercer’s 18-month appointment showcases his expertise in the area and his commitment to ensuring the Home Rule Charter reflects the needs of Lee County’s citizens.

The Home Rule Charter is a set of rules that outlines how the local government operates and functions in Lee County. The Charter Review Commission is tasked with reviewing the Charter every eight years to make sure it is up to date and meets the needs of the community. The Commission is appointed by Lee County Commissioners and consists of experts from various fields.

Mercer’s appointment is an important recognition of his extensive knowledge of the area and his dedication to serving the community. As a member of the Commission, he will work alongside other experts to ensure that the Home Rule Charter reflects the current needs and desires of Lee County’s citizens. Mercer’s role will involve reviewing the Charter in detail and suggesting any necessary revisions or amendments for the general election ballot.

The Lee County Charter Review Commission’s work is crucial to ensuring that the local government operates effectively and efficiently. Mercer’s appointment highlights the importance of having experts from various fields participate in the review process to provide a comprehensive and well-informed perspective. His extensive knowledge and experience in the area will be invaluable to the Commission as they work to improve the Home Rule Charter for the benefit of Lee County’s citizens.

As a founding partner of CRE Consultants, Mercer has a long history of serving the community and providing expert advice and guidance on real estate matters. His appointment to the Lee County Charter Review Commission is just another example of his commitment to serving the community and ensuring that Lee County remains a great place to live, work, and do business.